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  • ¿Cómo se usa cupón de Despegar en línea?

    Si su Ofertas Despegar están en los Términos y condiciones que puede comprar productos en línea, siga las instrucciones sobre cómo canjear la oferta. Cupones de Descuento Despegar solo se pueden canjear en línea.Si Código Promocional Despegar es válido a través de un enlace en línea especializado, recibirá el descuento independientemente de Código de Descuento Despegar que se ingresen.

  • ¿Despegar hace rebajas?

    A Despegar complace decirte que siempre tiene interesantes eventos de ventas para retribuir a los antiguos clientes y atraer a los clientes potenciales. Si deseas conocer los recientes eventos de venta de Despegar, puedes hacer clic aquí para ver lista detallada de eventos especiales de venta que publica en despegar.cl.

Más sobre Despegar y los cupones de Despegar

Despegar have a selection of tickets on offer, including Flights to Miami, Tickets to Buenos Aires, Tickets to New York and Flights to Rio de Janeiro. They also have Packages on offer, including Packages to El Calafate, Packages to Miami, Packages to Rio de Janeiro and Packages to Playa del Carmen. You can receive Exclusive offers in advance if you sign up for Despegar's newsletter.

In Despegar you can buy everything for your holidays very easily. First, enter the information of your trip in the search engine. Compare among hundreds of options and choose the one you like best from the Buy button. Upload the passengers' data, select your means of payment and complete the required information. Take advantage of the Despegar banking promotions. Finally, click on Buy again and that's it! You will receive your vouchers by mail so you can start enjoying your trip.

To buy your trip in Despegar you must have the identity document number, the name, the surname and the date of birth of each of the passengers. Before traveling, check the detail of your reservation in My Account to know the visas and vaccinations required in the country of destination. This includes the stops, connections, tours and stops you make during your trip. If a minor travels alone or accompanied, he must have a compulsory authorization to leave the country.

You can manage the change or cancellation of a reservation, although note that some providers or rates do not allow it or charge an additional cost for doing so. In flights, hotels and cars, you can only make changes with the same provider. You can also cancel a reservation for all or some of the passengers. What you can not do is change ownership to another person. Remember to review the change and cancellation policies of your reservation in My Account.